On average, your life consists of 25,000 days..

Today is one day in your life. You can suffer through it, you can dance through it. You can waste it, you can make the most of it. You get only one chance to enjoy today. When your head hits the pillow tonight, today will be gone forever” -Unknown

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Fig & Arugula Summer Salad

Ah.. Summer.. season of fresh, juicy & light. At the end of the week, I usually take everything in the fridge & create something beautiful. Cut off pieces that had wilted & use all the best ingredients you’ve got left. This week, I had arugula, sprouts, figs, avocado, lemon & tomatoes. The easiest thing to make with these ingredients is…

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6 Steps To Aligning With Your Goal

Like so many of us dear sisters, I gratuated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition a few years ago. I decided to go there for the very reason to transform my own health. I initally had no intention of being a health coach, starting a practice or working with people in that way. I just wanted vibrant well being for…

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How To Live A 100% Creative Life

Life is creative. We get to be as creative as we want to be.  And our experience of life up to us. We are 100% responsible for how we feel.. this was the most freeing thing for me to learn. It means you get to choose, and if you get to choose then how you experience life is your CHOICE.…