On average, your life consists of 25,000 days..

Today is one day in your life. You can suffer through it, you can dance through it. You can waste it, you can make the most of it. You get only one chance to enjoy today. When your head hits the pillow tonight, today will be gone forever” -Unknown

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One Way To Create A Really Good Life Now


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~ Wayne Dyer


Is the cup half empty or half full? Is the world a good place with darkness or a dark place with good people? It’s all about your perspective. It’s about the lens that you look through.


When I started learning new ways of seeing things, learning new ways of being & experiencing a better life because of it, I knew that we could change our lives by changing our minds.


We can change everything simply by changing the way we see things. Changing the meaning that we attach to everything. Changing the conclusions that we come up with. We can choose to see things differently. We can consider another way. We can try it on in our lives & see how we feel.


I learned this slowly yet all at once. The first time I picked up & read a self-help book, I soon realized there must be hundreds of more ways to see something. Hundreds of different angles.


Realizing this was incredibly freeing. Like,  “oh, there could be another possibility besides this negative one that I’ve concluded that doesn’t make me feel good, doesn’t make my life better or anyone’s for that matter.”


Some see a weed & some see a wish~


When I see dandelions in the grass, I see possibilities, I see dreams coming true, I see childhood & that gives me good feelings. When you see a dandelion do you see it as a weed you need to kill? Perhaps you don’t. Maybe you don’t think that far into it.


When you watch the news about people hurting other people, do you create that the world is a bad place? That people are bad? & that there are very FEW good people in the world? & that the good people are blessed & have some kind of magic power like Oprah or Gandhi or Mother Theresa. A few angels on the earth.


Or do you create compassion in your heart for the people who hurt other people. Do you create compassion that they, like you, are human. What do you create in your mind about it?


All of this can be shifted. All of this can be seen from different perspectives. We can literally transform our lives by changing the way we see things. By changing the stories we create the things we see to mean. By changing our conclusions for the better.


We want a good life. One filled with love. We want happiness. We want abundance.


We do indeed want the good.. the light. & sometimes we believe it’s true that life is good & people are good. & then we see something & we allow it to destroy our view. What if we kept believing? What if we committed to shifting how we view things. Not by ignoring, but simply choosing a more empowering way? A way that contributes to the light instead of the darkness. What if we could be the change in an instant.


Tell me, what do you see? What do you hold to be true in your heart? Does it serve the highest version of you? Does it serve others? Does it contribute love & positiveness & magic into your life? Does it align with your beliefs of life, love, Source, what all of this really is?


Explore those questions. Journal. Start a conversation in the comments section below. Let those questions simmer & see what comes up.



with love.